Cultural Expressions

MACS: Mi’kmaq Association for Cultural Studies

Mi’kmaq Family (Migmaoei Otjiosog) (DVD)

Art and Craft

Alan Syliboy – website

A Brief Glimpse of Mi’kmaq Life: Objects from the McCord Collection – website

Building Legends: The Mi’kmaq canoe project (Video Link)

Caroline Gould: Baskets

  • – PDF
  • Royal Collection Trust (website)

Indigenous Arts Network  (website)

Kwa’nu’te: Micmac and Maliseet Artists – video

Nations in a Circle (website)

Our Lives In Our Hands: Basket making – video

Tradition, Change and Survival: Mi’kmaq Tourist Art – wesbite

Cultural Heritage Centres

Bear River First Nation Heritage and Cultural Centre (website)

Glooscap Heritage Centre – website

Mi’kmawey Debert Cultural Centre (website) – PDF

Membertou Heritage Park – website

The Mi’kmaq Resource Centre – website

Wagmatcook Culture and Heritage Centre – wesbite

Dance, Music and Performance

Eastern Eagle  (website)


  •  – website
  • – video

Songs and Hymns (website)

First Nations Song Writing Sessions – wesbite

Kisiku’k Wklusuwaqnmuow “What the Elders Have to Say” – website

Kiju’s Boys – video

Lee Cremo – wesbite

Lone Cloud – website

Native Dance: Our Dances Today – (website)

Pow-wow Protocol – wesbite

Regaling the World – wesbite

Songs from Cape Breton’s Mi’kmaq Song Tradition – PDF

A Tribe Called Mi’kmaq (website)

Food and Recipes

“Four Cents”: Fry Bread – video

Hunting and Fishing – website

Luskinkn: Bannock  (website)

Mawiomi: A gathering place for sharing foods, recipes and stories – website

Mi’kmaq Recipes – website

Knowledge from Elders

APCFNC Elders Project – Honouring Traditional Knowledge ((website)

Do You Remember? – website

Four Directions Teachings: Mi’kmaq – website

Kisiku’k Wklusuwaqnmuow “What the Elders Have to Say” – website

Mi’kmaw Oral Histories – website

The Mi’kmaq Way – video


Aboriginal Language: Mi’kmaq – website

Jilaptoq Mi’kmaw Language Centre – website

Language (website)

Mi’gmaq/Mi’kmaq Talking On-Line Dictionary Project – website

Mi’maq Language Centre of Excellence (Esaksoni School) (website)

Mi’kmaq Spirit: Ideograms – website

Mi’kmaq Spirit: Orthographies – website

Netukulimk: Sustainable Livelihoods

Eel fishing in Eskasoni website

Ikanawtiket : Environmental Respect- website

Institute for Integrative Science and Health – website

Mawqatmuti’kw: We All Live Together

  •’KWUINR – website
  • – website

Mi’kmaq Spirit: Daily Life – website

Netukulimk website

Our Nationhood – video

Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources: Mi’kmaq Sustainable Resources – website

Spirituality and Organized Religion

“What the Elders Have to Say”: Chapel Island Mission – video

“What the Elders Have to Say”: Elders Talk about Traditions – website

Mi’kmaq Spirit: Spirituality – website

Mi’kmaw Spirit- (website)

Spiritual Traditions (website)

Prayers in Mi’kmaw – website

Religious Traditions of the Micmac of Newfoundland – website


St. Kateri Tekakwitha – website – website

Sports and Games

Nova Scotia Mi’kmaw Summer Games – website

Waltes (website)

“What the Elders Have to Say”: Learn to Play Waltes (DVD)

  • – video
  • – video

Stories and Storytellers

Atookwakuns:  Wondertales! (website)

Catherine Martin: Film Maker (website) – website

Four Directions Teachings: Mi’kmaq – website

Jeff Barnaby: : Film Maker (website)

“What the Elders Have to Say”: Stories – video

Little Thunder – video

Mi’kmaw Oral Histories – website

Mi’kmaq Spirit: Oral Traditions – website

The Mi’kmaq Way – website

Mi’kmaq Women Who Married Star Husbands – website

Muin and the Seven Bird Hunters – video

Summer Legend – video

Talking Books – website