The Importance of Service Organizations in Rural Areas

By: Walaa Hadhad, Marwa Alimam, Kinaz Albaghada

In our May Lunch & Learn, ACALA learners Walaa, Marwa, and Kinaz presented their project about the importance of different service organizations in Antigonish. They researched four different organizations including ACALA, Kid’s First, Coady International Institute, and the Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre. See their slideshow below, along with clips from their interviews and what they learned from the process.


Q: If you had one recommendation for the community, what would it be?

When asked about how it felt to present their project, the women expressed that at first they were nervous and stressed, but after seeing people from different organizations at the event, along with their friends and families, they became more excited.

They wanted to do this project to learn more about local organizations, how they started, and the services they offer. They learned how beneficial these services are, got to meet more people from the community, and expanded their English vocabulary. They were grateful for the kindness the interviwees showed them when answering their questions. “The impossible became possible”!

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