All ACALA instructors are highly qualified with experience and backgrounds in adult education, and they pursue lifelong learning through participation in professional development opportunities.


Shayla MacDonald: Organization Administrator and Tutor Coordination

Shayla is the Organization Administrator for ACALA. She completed her BA in Psychology from St Francis Xavier University in 2011 before going on to complete her Montessori teacher certification in Early Childhood Education in 2014. Shayla has spent time teaching with learners from 18 months to 80 years old, having spent most of her time working with family and parent education as well as early childhood education. She founded the Antigonish Montessori school in 2015 and is passionate about teaching and working with learners through holistic, individualized education. Shayla came to ACALA in 2019 after learning about the organization through community involvement.


“ACALA is a place for everyone to feel welcome and supported. We strive to meet our learners on their terms and provide the support they need to succeed in meeting their goals.”

Kathryn Collicott: Special Programs Coordinator, Career Employability Consultant, Learning for Life Instructor

Kathryn worked in the school system in different parts of Canada for almost 10 years before returning home to Nova Scotia. She has been tutoring since she was 15 years old and has an integrated B.A./B.Ed from Mount Saint Vincent University.  Over the years,Kathryn has spent time in most of the positions at ACALA. This year she coordinates the Family Literacy’ the special programs such as Families Learning Across Generations and You 2.0, and teaches in the Learning for Life program. Kathryn loves  to read, write, swim, sit in the grass, walk by the ocean, and laugh. She likes music, Netflix, animals, and chocolate – not necessarily in that order. Kathryn would like people to know that at ACALA, “We are very flexible and do our best to meet the needs of our learners. We partner with other organizations and strengthen each other.  We are here because we want to be here, and we enjoy what we do.”


“People enjoy their time here. They learn many things beyond academics. They develop friendships. They make connections. They improve their self-confidence. They give to others. They learn just how capable they are. They have achievements that sometimes can’t be measured.”

Andrew Stalker: Career Employability Instructor

Andrew is an instructor and Program Coordinator for the employability skills development program, Antigonish EMBARK. He has completed a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in Pre-Professional Architecture from the University of Waterloo, and an Honours Degree in Psychology from St Francis Xavier University. He has worked with individuals with developmental and mental health support needs in varying environments for the past 10 years, specializing in individualized educational approaches based on goal setting and alternative pathways to learning.  Andrew first came to ACALA as a volunteer in the Level I ALP class, providing teaching support to learners who wanted to improve reading, writing, math and technology skills. Andrew is active in the Antigonish community as a member of the Celtics soccer club and as a musician, performing at events and fundraisers as a    singer/songwriter/ guitar player and drummer with several bands.


“ACALA is about lifelong learning. We are all learning everyday but here is a place where we can learn together, learn from each other, share our experiences, and most of all, feel accepted just as we are”

Jyotsna Jain:  English as an Additional Language tutor, YREACH Instructor

Jyotsna Jian is is our English as a Second Language (EAL) tutor and learner coordinator as well as the coordinator for the “Bridging to Employment “ program of NSOI for ACALA. Jyotsna began work at ACALA  as a volunteer writing stories with the people living at the RK. Since then, she has worked for YMCA Recognizing Enhancing Aligning Community Horizons (YREACH) in partnership with ACALA as a language instructor and as an EAL instructor. Jyotsna completed a Masters in Political Science through M.S.Universiy Baroda Gujarat, India and completed her TESL from Study Abroad Canada PEI with the intention of working as a ESL instructor. She is an avid cook, and loves to cook different vegetarian dishes from around the world.


“I would love people to know about the history of ACALA of how many people it has reached out to and the success stories.” 

Lindsay Chisholm: Computer Literacy Instructor

Lindsay is an Instructor and Administrative Assistant with ACALA. She came to our organization after a 5-week Work Experience placement as part of the Office Administration program through NSCC.  During this placement, she discovered her love for the organization. Before coming to ACALA, Lindsay completed her diploma in Cosmetology from NSCC, beginning her work as a hairdresser before circumstance caused the need to change paths. She found a new love with ACALA, which has allowed her to “help people in (her) own community”.  Lindsay does many things within the organization including registration, promotion campaigns, fundraising initiatives and helping with the coordination of events. She is also our instructor for computer classes and provides one on one tutoring in computer skills. Lindsay has a love for creating things with her hands and enjoys drawing, painting, digital drawing, crochet and other crafts.


Christina Silvestri: ALP III/ GED prep Instructor

Cristina is an instructor for Level III ALP, GED Prep, and the new Learning to Learn Online program. She completed her Bachelor of Arts & Science at McMaster University and B.Ed. at Brock University. Before joining ACALA, she spent time working as a high school English and science teacher. Cristina is new to the Antigonish and is excited to meet new people and explore the community!




Mohaz Elimam: Administrative Assistant

Mohaz is an Administrative Assistant at ACALA. Mohaz is from Syria and was a previous student at ACALA. He came to Canada in 2016 with a very minimum English skills and being in ACALA has helped him get to a point where he can work with ACALA. Mohaz enjoys creativity and art in any shape or form and has a passion for Photography/Videography So he is also part of the creative team at ACALA and is looking forward to meeting new people and learning new things!








Annette Daemon: English as an Additional Language (EAL) Instructor,