Learning Resources For Kids

Khan Academy

Math, science, grammar, grammar, and history from grade 1 through to college preparation.


Modules to help you learn about reading, writing, numeracy, computer literacy, essential life and work skills

Grade 9 Nova Scotia at Home Learning.

Welcome to the 1st edition of Primary – Grade 9 Nova Scotia at Home Learning. Please consider this first version as our starter package.

Learn About the Mi'kmaq

Fact sheets, resources guides, and videos on a range of subject areas including math, science, history and more..

Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling

IXL Nova Scotia English Language Arts

Reading and writing lessons and resources for grades 1-12.


Whether you want to learn new words, practise reading, or review those grammar rules you forgot over the years, this interactive program is for you.

French At Home

Explore the levels and advantages of bilingualism and to learn about how we evaluate French Language skills

Khan Academy Grammar

Grammar is the collection of rules and conventions that make languages go. This section is about Standard American English, but there’s something here for everyone.


The award-winning website where K-5 students go to read — anytime, anywhere!

Mabel Murple’s Popping Purple Wordspinning World

Canadian storyteller, poet and author, Sheree Fitch, invites you into the world of words. Join Sheree on this energetic journey of imagination and creativity—and fun. It’s Mabel Murple’s Popping Purple Wordspinning World.

Beyond Our Bookshelves

Learning Opportunities at Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library.

Curio CBC

Education professionals can use Curio to readily find and explore CBC/Radio-Canada content that has been carefully selected for its educational value and is available in teaching-friendly formats.

BC Open School

A collection of resources to support K‑12 students, their parents/caregivers, teachers, and adult learners.

Brain Pop

Short animated movies for grades K-12; quizzes and materials for science, social studies, English, math, engineering and technology, health, and arts and music.

Canadian History & Social Studies

The Secret Life of Canada

Highlights the people, places and stories that didn’t make it into school textbooks. Explore the history of people of colour, Black and Indigenous Canadians, and immigrants.

Canada The Story Of Us

Ten CBC episodes focused on the diverse people, places and events that shaped Canada.

Canadian History

At all ages website site with stories, media, timelines, and other resources focused on telling Canadian stories.

Legacy Of Hope

Indigenous-led education resources on the impact of Indian Residential Schools, the Sixties Scoop and colonialism in Canada.

Being Black In Canada

An all-ages CBC site focused on the stories and experiences of Black Canadians. Includes breaking news, profiles of famous Black Canadians links to books, media, and archival resources.

The Book of Negroes

A six-part series about the journey of a child stolen from Africa and forced into slavery in Canada. Filmed in Nova Scotia!

Mi'kmaq History Month

This website has been developed to share information and increase awareness of the Mi’kmaw culture, history, and heritage, particularly Treaty Day and Mi’kmaq History Month.

Indigenous Stories

Explore the originality, history, and stories of Indigenous Peoples with this collection of shows, movies, and documentaries.

World History & Geography

Khan Academy World History

Resources on world history for everyone.

National Geographic

National Geographic is an American monthly magazine published by the National Geographic Society. Known for its photojournalism, it is one of the most widely read magazines of all time.

World History Courses

Learn from more than 160 member countries.
World Geography Games brings entertaining, educational quiz games for kids, students, adults and seniors to test and improve your geographical knowledge. Our internet quizzes include questions about all the countries in the world that will challenge your brain.

The Ultimate Map Quiz Site

Become a geography expert and have fun at the same time! Seterra is an entertaining and educational geography game that gives you access to over 400 customizable quizzes.

STEM : Science, Technology, Engineering & Math


Khan Academy Science

Multiple resources in all areas of science.

The Nature Of Things

The Nature of Things is one of the most successful series in the history of Canadian television. Hosted by the world-renowned geneticist and environmentalist David Suzuki..

Ocean School

Our mission is to provide learners, the next generation of ocean citizens, with the knowledge and tools to understand our influence on the ocean and the ocean’s influence on us.

Steve Spangler Science

A new experiment every day for 50 days!

Mi'kmawey Debert Cultural Centre

Traditional & contemporary stories, teachings and information about Mi’kma’ki.

National Geograpic Kids

Games, Videos, Brain Boosters and much more.

Mystery Science

Open-and-go lessons that inspire kids to love science. Science curriculum for K—5th grades.

Weather Wiz Kids

learn more about the fascinating world of weather. Experiments, games and projects for the whole family.


Khan Academy Math

Multiple resources to sharpen your math skills.

IXL Nova Scotia math curriculum

IXL’s skills are aligned to the Nova Scotia Curriculum, the WNCP Common Curriculum Frameworks, and the CAMET Foundation for the Atlantic Canada Mathematics Curriculum, providing comprehensive coverage of math concepts and applications.

GCF Math

Whether you want to learn new words, practice your reading skills, or expand your knowledge of fractions, decimals, percents, and algebra, our interactive lessons can help.

Math Antics

A series of basic math videos created by Rob and Jeremy of Math Plus Motion, LLC.

Show Me Your Math

Show Me Your Math is a program that invites Aboriginal Students in Atlantic Canada to explore the mathematics that is evident in their own community and cultural practices.


Homeschool Math

Printable math worksheets for a multitude of topics: all the basic operations, clock, money, measuring, fractions, decimals, percent, proportions, ratios, factoring, equations, expressions, geometry, square roots, and more. We also offer pages that list worksheets by grade levels (grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7).