ACALA needs the support of the Antigonish Town and County communities in order to deliver an effective service. Judith Maxwell, one of Canada’s foremost thinkers on home, family and the future of Canadian society, released a research report in January 2010, entitled “It’s Time to Reboot Education for Adults with Low Literacy Skills” (PDF). According to Maxwell (2010):

It takes community programs to engage people on what matters to them, open their eyes to their own capacity to learn, and help them gain the self-confidence they need to be able to consider a more formal learning program. Informal learning activities organized locally in response to local needs are therefore the foundation infrastructure for a literacy system. When literacy and social services organizations work together, they can create a powerful lever for local economic and social development (p. iii).

We receive funding or in-kind support from the following sources:

  • Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education
  • Nova Scotia Department of Community Services
  • Municipality of the County of Antigonish
  • Town of Antigonish
  • Literacy Nova Scotia
  • Strait Regional School Board
  • individuals, businesses, the United Way, other social service providers

We have formed delivery partnerships with the following organizations and groups (in alphabetical order):

  • Antigonish Culture Alive
  • Antigonish Guysborough Black Development Association
  • Antigonish Sustainable Development
  • Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre
  • Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL)
  • Career Connections Nova Scotia Works
  • Club 60 Antigonish
  • Club 60 Heatherton
  • Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia
  • Early Childhood Intervention
  • Guysborough Adult Learning Association (GALA)
  • Habitat Unlimited
  • HavreBoucher 50+ Age of Perfection
  • Inverness Literacy Council
  • Kids First
  • L’Arche Antigonish
  • Oak and Owl Club, St. Andrews
  • Paq’tnkek First Nations Band Council
  • Pictou Antigonish Regional Library (PARL)
  • Richmond Literacy Council
  • RK MacDonald Nursing Home
  • St. Francis Xavier University Adult Education Department
  • St. Francis Xavier Enterprise Development Centre (XEDC)
  • St. Francis Xavier Human Nutrition Department
  • St. Francis Xavier Service Learning Department
  • St. Francis Xavier Spanish Department
  • Sisters of Martha Ecological Committee
  • Teaching Immigrants English Program