ACALA Programs

We believe in lifelong learning opportunities for everyone. Check out some of our available programs.

Adult Learning Programs

Adult Learning and Training

The ALP is designed for those 18 and older who do not have a high school diploma. Graduates of the ALP receive their NS High School Diploma for Adults. All ALP classes and materials are FREE.

GED Prep/ALP 3

Preparation for the General Educational Development (GED) tests. Areas covered are math, English writing and grammar, English reading, Social studies and science. ALP level I and II classes are for learners with a grade 8 completion or lower, ALP level III are for learners with a grade 9 completion or higher.


ALP Level IV consists of high school level courses for credit towards the Adult High School Diploma. For more information. visit the NSCC website.

Skill Enhancement For Life, Learning and Employment

Career X

Our career exploration program will help you develop a portfolio of your top 3 career interests and how to get there. You will know what to expect for salary, work schedule and certifications. You will also be hearing from practicing professionals.

Digital Literacy

Learn basic to advanced computer skills that you need to be successful such as email writing, keyboarding, file management, etc.

Beginner Driver's Prep

Prepare to get your Nova Scotia Driver’s License. Study the written NS Drivers test with an ACALA instructor.

Community connection Newsletter

Explore creative writing , technical writing and interview skills. Practice your tech skills. Get connected with the Antigonish community through networking projects.

Goals For Advancement

Gain skills that you will need for the workforce, promotions or success in other life goals. This program focuses on positive communication, goal setting, and identifying the skills you already have that are valuable and transferable and building on them.

You 2.0

Practice positive framing, coping skills and communication through creative expression. This program focuses on positive mental health creativity and is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people while engaging in arts based activities.

Photography & Videography

Practice marketing. communications and networking skills through creative photography and videography projects!

Family Programs

ACALA Boot Camps

Tell us what you want to learn! ACALA runs 6 week boot camps to help you get quick skills. Using the Nova Scotia Essential Skills E3 Framework, we work with you to develop skills you need for life. Contact us today to see what is happening next.

Family Book Club

Join us bi-weekly to read children’s books and complete a fun family activity together. Families get to keep a copy of the book for their home library and take home a new activity each week. For children ages 4-6 and their caregivers.


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