Learning To Learn (L2L) Online

The Government of Canada and other agencies have identified nine Essential Skills needed for work, continuous learning, and daily life. Resources on this page will help you improve your computer skills, use new technologies and online resources to help you achieve your goals.



Computer Use and Digital Skills

Includes the ability to use devices such as computers, notebooks, smartphones, computer applications, word processing, e-mails, or spreadsheets. Increasingly, all adults need to know how to access and process information from digital sources.

ACALA Cloud Links

Learn how to use digital devices and programs.

GCF Technology

Learn to use a range of digital devices and programs

Learning to Use A Computer

Learning to Use a Keyboard

Typing practice

Learning to use a mouse

Learning to Use Email

Learning to Use the Internet

Learning to Use Windows

Free Open Office Software similar to Microsoft Office and WordPerfect Suite


Online Learning Technologies

These resources will help learn to use common digital learning platforms. 

Zoom Conferencing: Intro Video

Zoom Conferencing: Tutorials

Google Classroom: Intro Video

Google Classroom: Tutorials

EB Academics has free Zoom and Google Classroom tutorials