Anyone can be an ACALA learner!

ACALA learners are individuals who want to pursue their own lifelong learning goals or to create a culture of learning in the home. Every year, on average, 175+ individuals choose to enrol in the programs ACALA offers.

Adults who enrol in adult upgrading programs may represent one of the following groups:

  • the four in ten Nova Scotians who are at risk of not having sufficient skills to fully participate in the workplace, family or community
  • the almost 50% of Nova Scotians who do not have the math literacy skills they need
  • the 110,000 working age Nova Scotians who do not have a high school diploma

Adults in our workforce literacy, family learning, and seniors literacy programs may have a high school diploma, but they may represent the 25% of high school students graduating each year without what the Government of Canada considers adequate literacy and essential skills for work, learning and life.

Some of our learners enrol in ACALA programs for personal reasons:

  • they are newcomers to Canada who were educated in another language
  • they are adults who have lost their previous skills as they have not been using them regularly
  • they are adults who want to read to and/or help their children or grandchildren do better in school
  • they are adults who want to learn a particular skill or subject for the first time in order to get a promotion or pay raise
  • they are high school graduates who want to attend college or university, but  they are required to take academic chemistry, biology, math, or English
  • they are adults who slipped through the cracks or failed to perform in the regular school system, but who thrive and shine in informal learning situations
  • they are adults who enjoy learning for the sake of learning
  • they are adults who want to make a real contribution to their home communities

ACALA learners who have participated in one of our programs for more than three months and who plan to attend an institute of higher learning are eligible to apply for the Evelyn Lindsay Memorial Bursary.