Essential Skills

for the Workplace




Essential skills are the foundation for learning. Essential skills also help people prepare for, get, and keep a job. The Government of Canada and other agencies have identified nine key Essential Skills : Numeracy, Oral Communication, Working with Others, Continuous Learning, Reading Text, Writing, Thinking, Document Use, and  Digital Skills. Click here to find out what Essential Skills look like on the job.


Test Your Essential Skills with questions on this website.

Develop Your Essential Skills

Getting and keeping a good job requires multiple skill sets.

GCF Life Skills

GCF Interactive Everyday Life Activities 

Explore life skills such as cooking, health & safety, money management and more.

GCF Personal Finance

GCF Career Planning and Work

GCF Workplace Skills

Free Occupational Health and Safety courses

Skills Online Nova Scotia

Free skills training; hundreds of topics to choose from!



ACALA works closely with Career Connections : Nova Scotia Works who provide supports for job searching, career planning and skills development.  They can also help you find funding for employment related training.

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