Governance and Rights

Aboriginal Organizations in Nova Scotia – PDF

Governance (website)

Information Sheet: Aboriginal Organizations in Nova Scotia – PDF

Mi’kmaw Government: Sante Mawiomi – video

Mi’kmaw Political Bodies (website)

Mi’kmaw Rights Initiative – website

Treaties and Rights

Covenant Chain of Treaties Colouring Book – website

Freedom, Dependence and Nation Building (website)

Incident at Restigouche – video

Alanis Obomsawin
Indigenous Nationhood (website)

Is the Crown at War with Us? – video

L’nuk: The People – video

Office of Aboriginal Affairs, Government of Nova Scotia – website

Peace and Friendship Treaties – website

Mi’kmaw Identity

Our perserverence (website)

Indigenous Nationhood: Identity (website)

Vistas: Red Ochre – video