Get Involved

We appreciate your interest in ACALA, and we can always use your help. We welcome your gifts of self, time, and expertise. You can volunteer in any of the following capacities: tutor, instructor, board member, fundraiser, graphic designer, videographer, computer wizard, and friend or mentor. You are also welecome to join us by participating in one of our community projects.

If you would like to volunteer, please phone 902-863-3060, email or visit us at The People’s Place Library. We will work with you to make your experience  as positive and enriching as possible. You can let us know the personal qualities, skills and interests you want to bring to your work with us. We’ll be happy to describe our programs and services, and let you know where we can use your help the most. We’ll also ask you for your contact information, when and where you are free to volunteer.

Acala Learn - jack&gina

Many volunteers choose to become tutors. Volunteer tutors work with individual learners from 1 to 5 hours a week. Our volunteer tutor program is one of the most essential services offered through ACALA. If you wish to be a volunteer tutor, we’ll ask you what experience you have had teaching adults and whether you have received any training. We will ask you to tell us whether or not you would like us to train you on any specific skill or topic. For example, if you would like to tutor a learner who is learning to read, write or perform simple math operations, we would show you how to teach basic literacy and numeracy skills to another adult. However, our learners represent a diversity of skill and formal education levels. To the best of our ability, we would match you with a learner with whom you can work comfortably. We would take into consideration your subject preferences and time constraints.